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This project shows how closely CDG worked with clients in New York City. CDG has been working with dntl bar  from the start of their business. In just two years, we’ve helped them open six different places. Our work involved various ways of supporting the client.We focused on creating new dental facilities in different parts of the NYC area.

CDG took care of checking out potential sites, using 3D scans to understand them better, and making sure designs fit with what the client wanted. We also handled getting permits and dealing with landlords. During construction, we were there to make sure everything went smoothly, doing regular checks on-site. All these efforts ensured that dntl’s plans became reality at each location.

Nestled amidst the vibrant thoroughfare of Midtown’s 6th Avenue intersection, dntl BAR emerges as a sophisticated boutique cosmetic dental establishment, strategically curated to appeal to the discerning sensibilities of young urbanites. Embarking on a transformative journey from erstwhile vacant retail space to an oasis of urban chic, dntl BAR embodies a fusion of contemporary aesthetics and inviting comfort, seamlessly melding the allure of metropolitan living with the essential tranquility of a premium dental experience.

At the heart of its design ethos lies a meticulous pursuit of client-centric excellence, epitomized by the artful composition of its entryway and lobby spaces. With an unwavering commitment to catering to the bespoke needs of its clientele, every facet of dntl BAR’s architectural narrative is delicately calibrated to evoke a sense of unparalleled comfort and refinement, setting the stage for an immersive journey into the realm of dental luxury.